How a Whizzinator Works and How It Is Used

The Whizzinator is the name that is given to a device that is made for stimulating how the male urinary organ looks and how it functions. The Whizzinator can be used for different reasons in sexual games because it acts and feels just like a male organ and that is why it is accompanied by a certain kit and some synthetic urine, a syringe and some heater packs which are used for retaining the unreal urine at body temperature. In the market, you can also find products which are almost like the Whizzinator such as the Urinator and the Passinator although they are not well known and common because their design is not very usable and also they do not look and feel so much like the male urinating organ.

The Whizzinator developed popularity sometime in the year 2005 when one celebrity was spotted with it, and from then it has been reported to be used by many people including some well-known people. There have been many models of the Whizzinator, and the latest model which is known as the Whizzinator Touch needs touch for one to operate it whereby one has to put some pressure by squeezing its head for the urine to be released and for it to flow. Inside the Whizzinator there is some valve that is used for releasing some pressure and it opens when it is squeezed. The model that was there previously needed one to flip some switch for it to be operated and the process seemed so natural. You can read more about First Aid Synthetic Urine and why it is important.

In the recent one, there is still the switch present but its placed on the base and its main aim is to prevent some accidental spills, but the main switch is usually inside the head which allows the ability of the best imitation of urinating. One just squeezes the top of the device, and then the fake urine flows from the pouch which is attached and when one is through the switch should be switched off immediately. The Whizzinator comes in five different colors which are used for stimulating different skin tones so that they can be used by men of different skin tones. The colors vary from latino, white, tan, brown and black which you can choose depending on your skin color. The Whizzinator kit usually has all things that are needed for one to act as though he is urinating as natural as possible.

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