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People might be afraid to walk to a store to purchase an item like the Whizzinator that is normally used by people to give out synthetic urine. As much as they might be having genuine reasons why they would like to purchase such an item, they would not like people to judge them wrongly for what they want to do with it.

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The Whizzinator is the name that is given to a device that is made for stimulating how the male urinary organ looks and how it functions. The Whizzinator can be used for different reasons in sexual games because it acts and feels just like a male organ and that is why it is accompanied by a certain kit and some synthetic urine, a syringe and some heater packs which are used for retaining the unreal urine at body temperature.

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This is a device which is used to beat urine test. The device is used for various reasons including the various pranks. But the main use is for a urine test. It is thus mostly used by the employees of a certain organization and also the athletes to pass their urine test. It is a sensible thing and thus not seen easily.

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